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Sustainability made easier

There's never been a more important time for companies to take action.

Ecofye is the first platform to rate and improve companies’ level of sustainability by automatically monitoring and displaying their environmental impact in real-time (including Scope 3).

What is Ecofye ?


Ecofye’s technology allows companies to automatically collect complex supply chain data to further simplify the process and reduce the margin of error when calculating emissions.

Ecofye follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology which is aligned with international frameworks like the TCFD, SBTi, B Corp, NFRD, SFDR, and EU Taxonomy.


Optimise Time
and Resources

Companies receive a breakdown of their ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) rating based on their value chain per business section (e.g. buildings or supply chain). This allows companies to identify areas of improvement.  


Be Part of the Change, Showcase your Impact

Companies can improve their ESG rating following the personalised solutions provided by our platform. This allows companies to act at their own pace while having a high impact. Solutions are related to international standards such as TCFD, SBTi, B Corp, NFRD, SFDR, EU Taxonomy.


Real-Time Monitoring

Understand your company’s impact by using our 360˚ Assessment. Our assessment won the Lamborghini Sustainability Award and an Innovate UK Grant. Take the next steps to best integrate climate action into your business.

Companies can access a breakdown of their emissions by business function, identifying the most carbon-intensive areas. Emissions are displayed in real-time, allowing multinationals to reduce their margin of error by also reducing their emissions (including Scope 3). Carbon neutrality is possible through certified Ecofye's carbon credit partners. 

The World Economic Forum reports that only 9% of companies use software during ESG/Sustainability data collection and reporting. Accurate data monitoring will be needed to improve the world's supply chains. Start monitoring your supply chain.

Organisations & Partnerships that trust Ecofye+

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Interested in becoming a B Corp?

Our Co-Founder, Tiago, is a recognized B Leader and has expertise in helping companies become B Corp certified. 

All of our clients have achieved over 90 points in B Corp. Speak to us today about how we can help you to achieve your B Corp certification.

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