Calculate your carbon footprint

Calculating your carbon footprint will allow you to fully understand your company’s climate impact. This will provide a baseline to track your progress on emission reduction initiatives and it will serve as a foundation for all further climate protection activities.


We offer both corporate and product carbon footprint calculations, and use the internationally recognised methodology provided by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. You will be able to transparently and confidently communicate your climate impact to your stakeholders in a simple and reliable manner.


Reduce your CO2 emissions

Using the information gathered in the

360º Assessment, our platform will develop a set of solutions aligned with your business objectives, designed to effectively minimise your environmental impact.

We look into areas such as waste, material use, supply chain, distribution and energy to pull together tailored solutions that make commercial sense and have a high potential to reduce your emissions.

The solutions provided aim to improve a company's overall ESG score. The solutions will also help companies to improve their
circular economy and social impact practices.


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Track future climate progress and take responsibility for your impact 

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