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Impact Workshop

Our Impact Workshop is our kick-off session where we help you to define what sustainability means for your company. During the workshop, we’ll use tools such as a sustainability canvas to better understand the impact of your company’s practices and to map your climate-related risks and opportunities.


We’ll develop ambitious, achievable targets that align with your business growth plans, and we’ll lay out a roadmap of how your company can most effectively meet these targets.  

Define what sustainability means for your company

Map out your climate-related risks and opportunities

Develop a clear roadmap on how to achieve targets


360˚ Assessment

Our 360º Assessment is a comprehensive sustainability analysis tool for companies. It evaluates your company’s entire sustainability performance, split into 8 different business divisions. It highlights your strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement, and it supports decision making for implementing sustainable practices.  


We strongly recommend the 360º Assessment for any company that wishes to understand more about the risks and opportunities it faces regarding sustainability, and where best to focus future green investments.

Pinpoint where to focus future sustainability investment

Identify new opportunities to build brand value

Gain clarity on your sustainability performance


Carbon Footprint

Calculating your carbon footprint will allow you to fully understand your company’s climate impact. It will provide a baseline with which to track progress on emission reduction initiatives and it will serve as a foundation for all further climate protection activities.


We offer both corporate and product carbon footprint calculations, and use the internationally recognised methodology provided by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for our calculations. You’ll be able to transparently and confidently communicate your climate impact and protection initiatives to your stakeholders in a simple and reliable manner.

See the full breakdown of your company's impact 

Track future climate progress

Confidently communicate your impact figures 


CO2 Reduction

Using the information gathered in the 360º Assessment and Impact Workshop, we’ll develop a set of solutions aligned with your business objectives, designed to effectively minimise your environmental impact.

We’ll look into areas such as waste, material use, supply chain, distribution, and energy, among others, to pull together tailored solutions that make commercial sense and have a high potential for reducing your emissions.

Minimise your exposure to market risks

Take responsibility for your impact 

Lower your costs through greater efficiency


Carbon Offsetting

We understand that some CO2 emissions will be inherent to your business and can’t be reduced to zero. We can offset these emissions by purchasing credits from carbon offsetting projects, allowing you to take immediate action on your environmental impact.


We’ll help you choose a project relevant to your business, and we only purchase credits from projects that have certified carbon offsets according to internationally recognised standards such as the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard.

Support communities with social benefits

Reach carbon neutrality

Take immediate action for your emissions



The best way to demonstrate your commitment to reducing your impact is through certifications. However, obtaining certain certifications is often a time consuming and complex process. 


We can help you obtain your desired certifications by preparing all the required information such as internal policies or a strategy aligned to SDGs. One of the most popular certifications we provide support for is B Corp. We are a B Leader, meaning we are qualified to guide companies through the B Corp process.

Build relationships with like-minded companies

Attract top mission-driven talent

Stand out over competitors


Sustainability Report

We will gather all the information related to your company’s impact and sustainable actions and combine it into a cohesive and structured report.


Producing a sustainability report is one of the best ways to showcase your commitment to protecting the planet and as a result improve your company’s reputation and build brand loyalty. It is also a great way to benchmark your sustainability performance against other companies. 

Gain trust among important stakeholders 

Strengthen your brand's reputation

Set ambitious goals for improvement


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