You can offset 0.66 metric ton of CO2 by purchasing this carbon credits package. Purchasing these credits monthly will allow you to offset 8tn CO2e/year.


This carbon credit supports a forestry company in the Peruvian Amazon to protect and restore the value of the ecosystems of the Amazon to mitigate the effects of climate change, preserve biodiversity and contribute to the sustainable development of Peru.

This project's mission is to finance the conservation of the ecosystems and the restoration of degraded lands through investment in commercial forest plantations and the sale of carbon credits. Thus, with a clear strategy based on three pillars -protect, restore, fund- we generate value for the forest and our investors, promoting the sustainable development of local economies and helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

Eco Package

  • You will automatically receive your verified carbon credit certificate via email after your purchase. 

  • 1 carbon credit corresponds to one metric ton of CO2 removed and stored away from the atmosphere.