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Working with Automobili Lamborghini & Winning the Female Future Advisory Board (FAB) Award

A lot has happened since Ecofye's establishment in 2019. The company's fast growth has been accompanied by awards and investments, one of which has been key to propel the business into advising for climate action.

At the start of its journey, Ecofye co-founder Daniela Arroyo-Olson was invited to participate in Lamborghini's Future Female Advisory Board (FAB) Award. With a growing community of over 100 influential and outstanding women, the yearly competition is aimed at women under 30 around the world in three main categories: Art & Design, Technology and Sustainability. Competing against hundreds of other inspiring ventures, Daniela stood out to win the Sustainability Award in 2019!

Automobili Lamborghini focuses on innovative companies that offer a positive impact on the local and global community. Whilst FAB members are invited based on their absorbing life narratives, the founders ideas are through-provoking and act to shape the future. Ecofye works with companies to help them accelerate their climate action. By analysing entire business value chains, we take into consideration a company's potential to improve their #SocialImpact, #EnvironmentalImpact and contribute to the #CircularEconomy. Whether you are in a small, medium or large enterprise, we can help you become #CarbonNeutral, get tailor-made solutions to improve your practices, improve your certification score with #BCorp and align with science-based targets.

Since then, we have been working closely with Automobili Lamborghini on their sustainability journey. The Italian luxury sports car company has achieved carbon neutral manufacturing and now aim to make their entire business carbon neutral using Ecofye's 360° Assessment.

Looking ahead, we plan to upgrade our platform Ecofye+ to include machine learning in the algorithm. Optimising our internal resources means being able to offer climate action implementation processes that make sustainability easier, particularly for small and medium businesses. Ecofye is also looking to complete an investment round in the near future to maintain its strong growth rate.

Take action to improve your carbon score and make a positive impact! Ecofye+ is now available for all companies to sign up for free! You can drop us an email at about any questions you may have regarding the platform.

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