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A Carbon Negative Sustainabili-tea Project (OFFBLAK Case Study)

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


  • Food & Drink


  • 360˚ Assessment

  • B Corp Certification

  • Carbon footprint

OFFBLAK is a tea company based in the UK. Their range of colourful and delicious teas got us hooked from the moment we tasted them and when we learned that OFFBLAK wanted to improve their sustainability practices and become B Corp we didn’t hesitate to help.

Challenge & Objective

OFFBLAK is a rapidly growing company. They decided that there was no time to wait and that the best time to implement scalable sustainability practices was now. Ecofye represented an opportunity for OFFBLAK to continue growing while taking their sustainability performance to the next level.

​ OFFBLAK’s sustainability goals included:

  • Becoming a B Corp

  • Sharing their sustainability journey with their audience

  • Reaching carbon neutrality

Identifying Key Areas for Improvement and Becoming Carbon Neutral We decided to start the project with the 360˚ Assessment. We start most projects with the Assessment as it is a very helpful tool for us and our clients to identify strengths and weaknesses. Based on OFFBLAK’s goals, we developed a set of tailored solutions that would both reduce their carbon footprint and increase their B Corp score. Solutions included:

  • Creation of a methodology to better understand supplier’s level of sustainability.

  • Analysis of OFFBLAK’s supply chain for the carbon footprint calculation and monitoring

  • Disclosing their practices and concrete impact effectively

We also helped OFFBLAK to become carbon negative while making sure the carbon credits used were from the highest standard (VERRA & Gold Standard).

B Corp OFFBLAK’s main aim was to become B Corp certified. Completing the B Corp assessment is often overwhelming. However, Ecofye got to work and helped OFFBLAK score points for their new social and environmental practices to reach the 80 point threshold needed to become a B Corp. In the end, we hit an impressive 95.6 points! How did we do it? Well, part of the success was down to becoming B Leaders, having completed B Corp’s official UK training programme.

We invite you to join OFFBLAK in the journey: Brew to Carbon Negative, Make the Earth Positive. Stay updated by following OFFBLAK on Instagram or Linkedin and read on about how you can be part of the mission.

"Working with Ecofye was a breezy process: we worked together to understand OFFBLAK's sustainability goals, and as such, create a collaboration that was meaningful to our brand and community. Everything was thoroughly researched, clearly communicated and ultimately, was a huge success from a brand and environmental standpoint.”

JC Bae, COO and Co-Founder

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