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Ecofye was nominated by the WebSummit for the 2022 Earthshot prize!

The Earthshot prize is a global environment prize that encourages positive impact across the coming years until 2030. This effort is an inspiration from John F Kennedy’s Moonshot prize that mobilised collective efforts to enable initiating moon landing in 1960s. UK’s royal foundation has established five important categories to motivate and incentivise innovational change:

  • Protect and Restore Nature: The future of the living world depends on the right steps being taken toward the conservation of nature and its resources. This award reflects the need of the hour to repair and preserve habitats.

  • Clean our air: Toxic gases from transportation are an increasing concern that impacts quality of lives across the planet. The category rewards innovations in green transport and clean energy that mitigates air pollution.

  • Revive our oceans: Oceans should be used sustainably and its our responsibility to sustain ocean’s biodiversity for our future. Earthshot strives to look out for revolutionising ideas that transform and reduce ocean pollution.

  • Build a waste-free world: It is time to rethink ways to dispose food, single use packaging and products which are not environmentally friendly. This award attracts innovators that promote the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to build circular waste management systems.

  • Fix our climate: The earth is getting warmer and aggregating carbon footprints are threatening life on the planet. Fixing the climate category focuses on ideas that help in creating a “carbon neutral economy”.

Ecofye is pleased to announce its nomination by the web summit for Earthshot awards 2022 in three categories this year: “Fix our climate”, “Build a waste-free world” and “Protect and restore nature”. We are grateful to have this special place among 7 companies that were selected by web summit this year.To read more about the Web Summit’s nominations for Earthshot awards 2022, click here.

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