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We are launching the Ecofye + to make sustainability accessible

Updated: May 27, 2021

There is a great market pressure and demand for companies to become more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact. However, many companies don’t have the expertise or time to effectively implement the necessary sustainable changes.

Given their limited resources, this problem is especially acute among SMEs. However, SMEs constitute 90% of the business landscape in the UK and therefore withhold great potential to deliver a shift in circularity, decarbonisation and social impact. Engaging with various services and tools is the current procedure for achieving sustainable change; however, this results in time being wasted and unnecessary financial costs. This discourages SMEs from taking meaningful sustainability measures. Therefore, companies typically use end-of-pipe palliative strategies to change their practices. This does not encourage companies to find solutions that tackle the underlying causes of climate change.

After analysing different organizational charts, Ecofye developed a sustainability framework to not only analyse SMEs sustainability performance but also to provide accurate solutions to accelerate climate action. Our platform is called: Ecofye +.

The Ecofye + platform is aiming to make sustainability accessible and affordable for all SMEs with the use of machine learning. Here are some of Ecofye +’s unique features;

  • Grading the company’s level of sustainability. Our unique algorithm analyses a company’s supply chain from cradle to grave to perform automated quantitative and qualitative analyses.

  • Delivery of a sustainability performance strategy in the form of tailored and achievable solutions to improve your score and environmental performance so that you can accurately disclose your new practices to all stakeholders.

  • An automated Carbon Footprint and tailored reduction strategies. Offsetting is available directly from our platform.

Ecofye + will be available for companies in April 2021. You can drop us an email at about any questions you may have regarding Ecofye +.

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