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A Climate Positive Coffee (TrueStart Case Study)

Updated: Nov 1, 2022


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Carbon Footprint

Carbon Offsetting

TrueStart is a coffee company based in the UK that provides people with delicious and energising coffee that is also clean and healthy. The founders, Helena and Simon, started the company after experiencing years of coffee with negative side effects such as jitters, and crashes after consumption. They wanted to create coffee products without those negative effects, that make people feel great, while also considering social and environmental welfare. When coming to Ecofye, TrueStart were clearly committed to making a long-lasting and positive impact, by already having received the B Corp certification, and ready to improve their practices’ sustainability level even more!

Challenge and Objective

Since their beginning, TrueStart has kept a positive impact in mind. As their company’s production has expanded to different kinds of beans, instant coffees, and cold brews. TrueStart was eager to finally calculate their carbon footprint, and to take their actions to the next level by reducing their emissions in the near future.

TrueStart’s goals included:

  • Plans to reduce their emissions and offsetting over 120% to become climate positive

  • Fully optimising circular economy practices

  • Increase their transparency regarding their practices with their stakeholders, and more importantly their customers

Identifying Key Areas for Improvement

TrueStart already had many environmental practices underway, so Ecofye started straight away with calculating their carbon footprint following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Ecofye looked at their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions; this means from sourcing to consumption. For example, their supply chain, coffee bean producers around the world, etc. Here is a brief overview of what each scope is:

  • Scope 1: Scope 1 includes all carbon emissions that can be directly managed by the accounting corporation (direct carbon emissions).

  • Scope 2: Scope 2 represents indirect carbon emissions from purchased electricity, steam, district heating and cooling.

  • Scope 3: All remaining carbon emissions that cannot be directly managed by the company belong to Scope 3 (other indirect carbon emissions).

When calculating TrueStart’s carbon footprint, it was concluded that the biggest source of emissions came from product materials and packaging (both Scope 3 emissions). Once the footprint was completed, we created a portfolio of carbon credits to offset 120% of the total emissions for 2022.

Becoming Climate Positive

One of the favourite projects to offset from what a project in Columbia, in the Chinchiná River.

Chinchiná River Project, Columbia

  • Located in the Andean high moors and cloud forest areas, this project focuses on reforestation, agroforestry, and restoration of watersheds. The project improves the supply of freshwater for local communities and coffee farmers, increases biodiversity in the area, and has enhanced economic development in the region by creating jobs and additional forms of income for locals.

TrueStart decided to choose a variety of projects based on benefits and locations that were related to where their coffee was produced. Ecofye is proud to have helped them reach their carbon negative status.

Check out TrueStart’s great announcement and read more about their impact here!

By the way, this is our favourite flavour of cold brew from TrueStart, Salted Caramel! ♥

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