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A Coffee-fueled Sustainability Challenge


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Minor Figures is a cold brew coffee and oat milk company based in the UK. They’re in two rapidly expanding markets: speciality coffee and dairy alternative milk.

Challenge & Objective

Minor Figures has been growing fast over the last couple of years. In the last 12 months alone they’ve doubled their team size and have become the number one best-selling oat milk on Amazon UK.

Their growth is very important to them, but so is taking responsibility for their impact. Ecofye represented an opportunity for Minor Figures to take their sustainability journey to the next level whilst ensuring their growth remained on a steep upward trajectory.

We partnered with Minor Figures to help them achieve their short-term sustainability goals and plan out their longer-term strategy.


MF had short-term goals for 2020 of:

  • Understanding their key opportunities for sustainable growth

  • Becoming a B Corp

  • Sharing their sustainability journey with their audience

  • Reaching carbon neutrality


Identifying Key Areas for Improvement

The obvious place for us to start was our 360˚ Assessment. This allowed us and Minor Figures to identify what actions should be prioritised in the short-term.

Quote from Thibault on 360˚ Assessment.


The 360˚ Assessment was also invaluable in developing a Climate Strategy for Minor Figures. Based on their goals, we developed a set of tailored solutions that would both reduce their carbon footprint and increase their B Corp score. 


Solutions included:

  • Methodology to monitor, target, and track sustainability performance

  • Developing a stronger supplier sustainability engagement process

  • Implementing a circular approach to their supply chain

  • Disclosing their impact and positive practices

Balancing Profit and Purpose - B Corp

Becoming a B Corp was one of Minor Figures main targets for 2020. COVID-19 did threaten this as the team had to shift much of their focus towards e-commerce. However, having Ecofye onboard to manage their B Corp progress mean’t they could keep it as a primary objective.

We performed a gap analysis to work out what the most efficient way would be for Minor Figures to reach beyond the 80 point threshold needed to become a B Corp. We then set our an action plan and got to work.


By the end, we didn’t just reach 80 points, we hit an impressive 94 points!


How did we do it? Well, part of the success was down to becoming B Leaders, having completed B Corp’s official UK training programme. This helped hugely because we gained useful tips & tricks on how to boost their score even further. 

Sustainability the Minor Figures Way

Minor Figures had implemented a wide variety of sustainability initiatives, even before we partnered with them, but they hadn’t made much progress on sharing them with their audience.


We were asked to help with this. So we put together a short, easy to read, sustainability report, detailing their sustainability mission, their main social and environmental practices, and their plans for the future. Have a look for yourself here.

Taking Full Responsibility for their Impact

Another key target for Minor Figures for 2020 was becoming carbon neutral.

This requires measuring your carbon footprint, reducing your emissions where you can, and offsetting the remaining emissions.


To help them achieve their goal, we linked them up with our carbon offsetting partner. MF are now investing in X project.

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