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We're supporting the transition
to a zero-carbon future. 

Our Story

Our journey began back in 2019 when we saw there was a widespread awareness among businesses to take action against climate change, but not enough was being done to reduce environmental impacts and truly integrate sustainability into everyday business decisions.


We decided to combine our expertise to help companies tackle their climate challenges and make a difference.

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We want to help your company turn ideas into actions that are ideal for your business. It’s not about trying to achieve all 17 SDGs in one go. Instead, we encourage you to focus on attainable targets and do what’s right for your company and the people involved.

Tiago Fachada - Co-Founder, Ecofye

Our Founders

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Daniela Arroyo-Olson

Daniela is the 2019 Lamborghini Future Fab Award winner in the sustainability category. She studied MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance at Imperial College London and holds a BSc in Management with Sustainability. 

Daniela is highly dedicated to protecting the planet. She led a project that raised $500,000 USD to rebuild 70 houses for those affected by the 2017 earthquake in Mexico. Her main driver is to change "business as usual" by supporting companies to help overcome their sustainability and carbon footprint challenges.

Daniela enjoys visiting the sea and skating around the London parks during sunny days.

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Tiago Fachada

Tiago holds a MSc in Civil Engineering and worked on renewable energy projects before studying MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance at Imperial College London.

He is an expert in carbon footprint analyses and carbon schemes such as the EU ETS or the voluntary market. 

Tiago recently joined the B Leaders program to lead organisations through the B Corp certification and help businesses understand their impact. 

He believes obtaining a certification is the best way for a business to build resilience for the future green economy. 

On the weekends, Tiago enjoys playing for his rugby club and cooking exotic dishes.

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